RPM | INNOVV K1 HD Camera System
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INNOVV K1 HD Camera System

The K1 is the first 2 channel, 1080p Full HD recording system, featuring two sets of wired cameras for your car and motorcycle.
One system works for both.
Simultaneous recording of both the front and rear of your car and/or motorcycle, letting you capture a near 360 degree field of view on a 2.7’ LCD console. With our dual camera system, you are no longer limited to choosing between recording what is in front or behind your vehicle.
Easy installation, Plug and Play.

Watch K1 Actual Footage HERE


A stylish and light design for the car cameras.
Dual cameras for simultaneous recording in front of and behind your vehicle. The discreet camera design allows for a “Fit and Forget” installation. A 360 degree rotation, and angled adjustment in front, back, left and right. Easy and solid mounting onto front and rear windows with 3M tape.
Designed with you in mind, there is 3 meters of flexible data cable for the front camera, 6 meters cable for the rear camera.